The Society of Toxicology of Canada 48th Annual Symposium, Winter 2016

High-tech toxicology: new approaches…old problems?

December 4–6, 2016, Westin Hotel, Ottawa

The 2016 STC symposium “High-tech toxicology: new approaches…old problems?” will be held at the Westin Hotel in Ottawa from December 4 (Monday) through December 6 (Wednesday).  This year’s symposium will be chaired by Sabina Halappanavar (Health Canada, Ottawa), Leanne Bedard (ADME-Tox Solutions, Montreal), and Elaine Leslie (University of Alberta, Edmonton).  In addition to a keynote address, the symposium will have the following plenary sessions:

  1. Benefits and risks of nanomaterials - are they overstated?
  2. Emerging technologies for functional toxicology.
  3. Toxicants - microbiome interaction.
  4. Genetic toxicology:  new twist on the double helix.

For students and postdoctoral fellows, there will be opportunities for oral presentations, a poster presentation session, and a trainee mentoring/networking workshop. ToxTrivia will also be offered for all attendees.  The website will be updated soon with more specific information on abstract submission and other important deadlines.

Hotel Information

The Westin Ottawa

11 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, ON K1N 9H4

Reserve a room. Reservations need to be made before 5pm Friday 4th November 2016

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